Recovery & Reintegration

There has been a shift in the paradigm guiding mental health and rehabilitation services for persons with (Mental) psychiatric illnesses. RECOVERY model has been agreed and accepted world over and is followed at Nirman.


Psychological recovery or recovery model or the recovery approach to mental disorder or substance dependence emphasizes and supports a person's potential for recovery. Recovery is generally seen in this approach as a personal journey rather than a set outcome, and one that may involve developing hope, a secure base and sense of self, supportive relationships, empowerment, social inclusion, coping skills, and meaning. Recovery sees symptoms as a continuum of the norm rather than an aberration and rejects sane-insane dichotomy.

Recovery Means:

  • CLINICAL RECOVERY:Defined by mental health professionals and is reduction/cessation of symptoms and restoring social functioning.
  • PERSONAL RECOVERY:Refers to an ongoing holistic process of personal growth, healing and self determination.

At NIRMAN RECOVERY MODEL of mental health rehabilitation encompasses clinical & personal recovery and it embraces and mandates Hope, Wellness and Empowerment.

    Recovery oriented mental health rehabilitation services are:

  • De-Emphasising on diagnosis and pathology
  • Re-emphasising on the strengths and personal growth

We at NIRMAN follow Recovery model which includes understanding, accepting or overcoming

  • The effects of mental illness
  • The trauma associated with relapse of symptoms
  • Negative attitude from family , friends, professionals and towards one self
  • Loss of role and positive identity in society
  • Stigma and discrimination

Phases of Recovery:

  • Overwhelmed by disability and how the persons is treated
  • Struggling with the disability and rebuilding connection to the self, others, the environment and meaning and purpose
  • Living with disability and new connections to the self and others
  • Living beyond disability: authenticity, connectedness and contribution